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11 Advantex AX100 treatment system in Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park recently constructed a new visitors center. SCG was able to participate in the onsite wastewater treatment system. A traditional septic system would not meet the regulatory requirements and municipal services were not available. The AdvanTex AX100 treatment system was chosen for its ability to meet strict nitrogen removal requirements, while receiving highly variable flows from the Visitor Center.

Advantex AX100 system, Spaceport America NM

An AdvanTex AX100 system was chosen to serve Spaceport America in southern New Mexico. In addition to sending rockets with satellites into orbit, the facility is being built to send spaceships, with commercial customers, into outer space and back. The wastewater system has been highlighted as an Orenco Case Study.

AdvanTex AX100 at the airport facilities at Grand Canyon West. Look they come in more colors than just green.

SCG recently participated in a wastewater project serving the airport facilities located at Grand Canyon West. The airport has been upgraded to serve the ever-increasing number of visitors to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is a glass-bottom architectural marvel that extends out over the Grand Canyon. The wastewater system includes the AdvanTex Treatment System manufactured by Orenco Systems, Inc.; large fiberglass wastewater tanks manufactured by Xerxes Corporation; and a Geoflow drip dispersal system.

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