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SCG’s service area includes Colorado, Utah, and parts of New Mexico and Wyoming. The company distributes products from nationally renown manufacturers, such as Orenco Systems®, Xerxes®, Geoflow, and Atlantic UV.

SCG Enterprises
has been serving the Onsite and Decentralized wastewater system Industry since 1996. The company was originally created to provide products and services for septic systems in rural areas along the Front Range of Colorado. Today, the company specializes in wastewater treatment systems up to 100,000 gallons per day. The company’s engineers and technicians provide the support services necessary for successful project completion; from design - to installation – to operation.

We offer a variety of options for the treatment of residential wastewater.

We provide wastewater solutions for small communities; subdivisions; camps; resorts; schools; rest areas; and other commercial establishments.

We offer workshops for engineers, installers, regulators, and operators; stakeholder presentations; end-user education; and conference presentations. Click here for current...




Recent Events 

Headed This Way- August 2018

SCG has another order of AdvanTex units headed this way!

NMRWA Annual Conference- April 2018
SCG attended the New Mexico Rural Water Association Conference.

Timberline Ministries- September 2017
SCG visited Timberline Ministries for a start-up on an Advantex system  that was installed to allow removal of sewage lagoons.

Paonia, CO- September 2017
SCG visited Paonia, Colorado, for a start-up on an Advantex system  followed by drip dispersal.

Singing Hills Elementary- July 2018
Earlier this month, SCG was at Singing Hills Elementary to perform a start-up on the AdvanTex system.

CRWA Annual Conference- February 2018
SCG attended the Colorado Rural Water Association Conference.

CPOW Annual Conference- January 2018
SCG attends the Annual Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater Conference.

CPOW Member Appreciation Day- July 2017
As active members, SCG attended an event hosted by the Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater.